Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The full experience of motherhood

Am I the only one that is noticing that motherhood has been having a bad reputation.

Things like this seen on pinterest or facebook are all over the place

link to this quote here

I agree, motherhood isn't the easiest calling, but wait is there any job that is "easy". 

Like any other job description, motherhood have a long list of duties are are sometime icky. Remember the time all of your kids got the flue at the SAME time and your whole house smelled like puke, your laundry machine wanted to take a break, and when you had to get out of bed so many time that you lost count thinking "I did not sign up for this"
Found this on fb, can't find the direct link to this picture, sorry.

How about the fighting, bickering and the whining, they do not make you "feel good" because they are sometime never ending and you can't cross the "end a fight and they never fought ever again" on your to do list.

True, motherhood is a never ending job, that has is moment of grossness, and don't forget those sleepless nights. 


There is always a but...

Without motherhood, you would never know

  • What unconditional love feels like, understanding the love of our Father  
  • How love does not divided itself, but  how it multiplies
  • How amazing a growing life is
  • How sinful you are, because they do tend to mirror our actions don't they!


Yes, there is also a and...

Without motherhood, you might forget

  • The freedom that comes when playing games, using imagination. How it melts the stress away.
  • How pretty and fun blowing bubbles can be.
  • How amazing our surrounding is. Kids are closer to the grounds, they see things that we might not notice, and they sure love to share their discoveries. 
  • How about those silly songs, cartoons and candies that we enjoyed in our youth, without kids we might not have the opportunities of having a second chance of experiencing them all over again.

Overall, motherhood isn't so bad, isn't it?

How about you, what are the up and down motherhood is teaching you right now?


  1. I hate how motherhood is displayed. I think a lot of it has to do with how your children behave. For example the children in the picture from facebook: Certainly this mother is not able to enjoy her children because she allows them to run around like monkeys. Most parents don't let their children literally climb the refrigerator, but they do let them walk all over them. I think having rules and behavior expectations makes life better for the entire family.

    1. I agree that it's sad that motherhood have been displayed in the wrong light more often then not.

      Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind words :-)

  2. Thank you for these words to remind us that motherhood is such a blessing!!

  3. After the children are in bed...
    is really a good time for me. That's when I think back over my day and count my blessings. So that one is true for me. :P

  4. These days, motherhood is teaching me that I do a lot of complaining! Yikes.

    1. Motherhood has many seasons, some harder then others.