Monday, October 28, 2013

Not the typical classroom nor student

All I knew about school was desks line up in a row, kids sitting down and teacher standing in front of a black board giving instructions. Naturally, when I started home educating, that is what I tried to model. Out of the 3 little girls, only one can sit still at the kitchen table for a long period of time.

I have seen my little goose hanging upside down from the couch to watch a show on TV, why was I surprised when the same little one was trying to do the same at the table while practicing her phonics?

I am slowly feeling more comfortable letting the school being done outside the table and chair setting. Doing math on the floor works just fine, and they are enjoying the freedom of being able to learn without the limitation of a designated space.

There is a time and place for kids to be still, and they do need to learn that skill, and other time it's ok to let them wiggles it out.

How about you, do you have a formal classroom setting or more relaxed setting for your homeschool?


  1. My girls went to school before we began homeschooling, so we use a more formal setup since that's what they were used to. We do have fun days, though, when they do school under the dining room table. ;)

  2. We have done it both ways. My husband prefers books and I prefer un-schooling, so I am doing books for three hours with a one hour lunch/recess break and then they still do un-school all the rest of the day with stuff they naturally want to do like art, PE, Science etc. I do definitely also agree with you that children need exercise in the skill of being still and enjoying it. :-)

  3. I try to keep our "sitting at the table" lessons short and focused. I do tend to make them do them there, though, since I still have a baby that puts everything he finds in his mouth.

  4. We do our school all over the house and outside is a favorite place to do it too (when the weather is nice).

  5. Hi, I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to just stop in and say Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing you writing again. God bless you.

  6. Are those Math-u-see blocks? :) We did have one "school room" when growing up, but we all often migrated around the house to do our work.

    1. Yes they are and we love those block here :-)