Thursday, January 16, 2014

The cure for cabin fever

Canadian winters are not always fun, and cabin fever can happen really fast with kids that are used to spend most of their days outdoor.

Just for fun, here was one of our cure for cabin fever

The girls have been enjoying watching "Despicable me" movie a lot lately. Last night after they were in bed, I choose an outfit inspired from the movie for each of the girls.

Complete with the unicorn.

They loved it. They have acted out their favorite part of the movie all day long.

Now, leave in the comment what our next movie inspired outfits I should try to make for the girls???


  1. Love it! We love that movie. My girls are super into Frozen right now. :)

    1. We haven't watch "Frozen" yet. Maybe this should be our next family night movie :-)

  2. Aw, that's cute!! I've heard good reviews of Frozen, too.

  3. What fun! I haven't seen Frozen yet, but my brother says it's good, and that's saying a lot - and my kids are hearing all about it from their friends at school.