Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lets play in the snow

A while ago I came across a blog called 1000 hours outside, and the title in itself was enough to make me want to read more. when you think of spending 1000 hours outside per year the number all the sudden looks like a huge mountain, but if you think about it this way: 3 hours a day times 6 days a week you would have spend 18 hours outdoor then multiply that by 52 weeks then you have 936 hours in a year, not far from a 1000 anymore right!

Charlotte Mason recommends for children from birth to seven to spend 4-6 hours outside daily. I agree that outdoor time is so beneficial for young growing minds and body, but London's winter are much milder then our Canadian one I am sure. We can easily get many hours outdoor during spring, summer and fall, but our long winters can be a bit more challenging.

On those days when the weather permits us, we go out and play. Skating, sledding, going to the parks or just taking a walk in the wood are a few of our outdoor activities. Of course, we bring along some hot chocolate and a warm coffee for mama.

With all this snow we had this winter, I am ready for spring and warmer days. Reading this post gave me a few more ideas of what we could do as we spend time outside

  1. Picnics
  2. Free play in open space
  3. Sight seeing
  4. Picture painting
  5. Games like : Follow the leader, riding bike, jumping rope, tag, riding bikes etc
  6. Nature walks
  7. Camping 
Are you ready for spring???