Friday, August 30, 2013

Yes, ladies can wear pants too

I wasn't going to be posting about fashion today, but the topic of modesty and the trend of "gender bender" been on my minds, so here we go.

I came across "Are "feminine" looks the Future on Men's Fashion" article, at first I thought it was a joke, men dressed in "lady like" clothing walking down the runway.  The pictures in this article might be shocking, but we don't need to go to that extreme to see the trend of "gender bender".

Dressing in an androgynous clothing is very "in" right now. I know you know what I'm talking about, you see them in pack walking down the street and yet you know the both girls and boys are present, but you can't tell who is who. I might just be old fashion, but I do think that you should be able to tell if you are talking to someone if you should greet them as Miss or Sir.

To you men, I would say be manly, and to you women, dress like a lady.

I know what you are thinking "But I want to be comfortable" or "I don't have money for new clothes" or maybe "I don't have time to be put together". Other of you are shaking their head think "She is one of those skirts only". Yes if you look around my fashion posts, you may notice dresses, and skirt, I wear them not because I have too, but because I like them.

Before you ask, this look was done in 5 min. 

I do wear pants, jeans, shorts but I try to wear them in a way that strangers would know that I am a lady.

 Some will say that pants are for men only, they are immodest, showing off too much. Those are not my convictions.

 You can be modest and lady-like wearing a pair of jeans(or pants). Here's how?

  • Make sure they fit : It's not because they you able to zip the zipper that it means that they fit. You can make yourself squeeze in something 2 sizes too small and think that it is "your size" but no, please don't.
  • A few accessories goes a long way: bring along a purse, a scarf , put on some earnings, a cute pair of shoes or even just a bit of lip gloss. This does not need to cost you a fortune nor take time, you can do this on the go.
  • Act like lady: Ok  this tip is free, won't take any of your precious time. Just do it!
Excuse the blurriness 
Is it really that important what we wear? My short answer would be yes. I know you won't just let me get away with a "yes", here is what I am thinking about.

What you choose to put on your body does affect many aspects of your life and I am not talking about a vain look at me I'm pretty kind of way.
  1. It affects your mood: Like when you wear an apron, and you feel more motivated to clean, same thing goes with the outfit you've choose to put on.
  2. It affect how people interacts with you:  I am speaking from my own experience, you can be less or more approachable depending on what you are wearing. Don't get me wrong here, not saying you have to have a "look" that comes with strings attach, we should all dress for His glory. What we wear is part of our testimony.
  3. It affect how you look: Wearing clothes that are to big, might make you look, well bigger then you really are. I know that wearing the right size, sometime makes people say "did you loose weight?" isn't a nice complement to have, when the only thing you did is wear something that "fit".
Now I want to know you opinion on the topic. Is it important what we wear? Should stranger know off the bat if you are a she or he?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zooey Deschanel inspired look ~ Polka Dots

I discovered Zooey's style after someone mentioned that I dressed like her, since then I have been thinking when I put an outfit together "Would Zooey wear this?".

For today's inspired look, I choose this lovely dress

Photo credit here 

Don't you just love Polka Dots.

Polka Dots top ~ D Dynamite (Thrift store find)  

Skirt ~ "TanJay
Shoes~ Femina

Red lips ~ mix of 3 products 1. L'Oreal lipstick in shade Java Jolt. 2. Revlon Colorburst lipstick in shade True Red. 3. Eessential Stay with me, long lasting lipgloss in shade Kiss Kiss Kiss
Nails ~ Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Rose rum
Jewelry ~ Old Navy

Hair ~ Choose to do a side braid and include 2 small braids in the big one, tied up with a head scarf (Dollarstore)

I like that you can wear this out fit to church, while visiting friend or just when you are out and about. 

Speaking of friends, I had chance to see Borum last Sunday,she had just came back from a year in France and is leaving for university in another province. Was glad to be able to spend an afternoon with her.

Here is a bonus picture, because doing a photo-shoot can be hazardous. Bees might be hiding in flowers, and yes dear Cameron being the camera caught me backing up really quickly.

No bees were harm in the making of this photo-shoot

Where do you get your fashion inspiration???

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Keeping them busy and out of trouble

"If they are not busy being productive, they are busy being destructive"

If you know me personally, you might have heard me quoting this a few time.

 I bet you have had days when you are trying to get something done around the house and your attention was on that particular task and all the sudden you realized that the house is too quiet and that only means trouble. You go and check what your little ones are doing to find out how "creative" they have been. 

From the time their little eyes are open, most kids will need something to do, something or someone to love and something to think about.

Something or someone to love
We are all created to long to love, and be loved. All precious little ones need a loving environment to grow and flourish. A sterile cold unloving home that, provides shelter and food, isn't enough to the well being of kids. They need love.

 Children need to be able to love. From loving family members, a pet, and  a special toy, we need to be able to let them being able to love.

Something to do
Kids do have a way to keep you on your toes. I am always amazed on how creative my little girls can get if I leave them with nothing really specific to do, and by creative I mean finding new ways to make a huge mess.

When I'm saying something to do, I am not talking about having them in tuns of organized sports, classes and activities and you look more like a chauffeur then a parent. I do not see anything wrong with any of these, the kids are taking part of some sports, classes and structured activities but it does not take over our life.

What would be some worthwhile things to do:

  • Doing some craft. 
  • Building a house with blocks
  • Taking care of a garden or flowers
  • Working on making your home beautiful
  • Playing games like hide-and-go seek, hopscotch or pretend play (pretend house, school, coffee shop, spaceship travel ...)
  • Organizing a show, puppet, drama dance for the rest of the family to sit down and enjoy.
  • Doing chores
  •  Helping others in need
  • Building a blanket fort or transforming the bedroom into a camping site (what kids does not love to sleep on the floor under a tent)
  • Reenacting a stories from a book
All these things can be done at home, with little effort, and will help keeping them busy in a good way.

Something to think about
Engage your children in conversation, do be afraid to ask them questions and encourage critical thinking. Whether it is after you have read a book or watch a show, take time to have a discussion about it. I think this is the fun part of homeschooling, being able to have a little peek into how your kids brain and how the little wheels are turning in there. 

How about you, what is the best way to keep your little one busy in a productive way?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to fail your children

Parenting is a huge responsibility and does come with it’s share of ups and downs. We can think that if we read the “right” books or follow a certain list of rules that our children will become strong and healthy well adjusted adults.

Parenting does not come with a magic formula that will guarantee us  success. But using common sense we can do a few things that could be beneficial or detrimental in raising young well adjusted adults.

Disclaimer I do not claim to have all the answers nor that I fully understand the complexity that comes with raising children, these are just things that are reasonable and can be done by anybody.

You can fail your children if you

  • Don’t practice what you preach: Little children do see beyond your words, and actions have a huge impacts on how they absorb information.  Don’t try to make them eat their vegetables if you are not eating yours. Don’t force them to clean their room if you neglect doing your own. etc...
  • Don’t love them: Of course all parents love their children, very few will not have that feeling, but for most of us we LOVE our children. The kinds of love that I am talking about is not a kind love that comes and goes, that is depending of one feeling toward the other. I’m talking about a love that is patient, kind, that always protect, and always persevere. This kinds of love will not let children go on undisciplined, but will rebuke follies.
  • Don’t teach them: Because if YOU don’t do that part, someone else will.
  • Neglect to discipline them: I am not talking about punishment, but real discipline. Little ones need to learn right from wrong, and there's many different ways to do that, but neglecting to do so will not encourage them to make the right decisions.
  • Don’t let them make their own mistakes: They have to understand that there's consequences for all actions, good and bad. This should not give us the permission to turn a blind eye to sin, but we have to let them fail sometime.
  • Don’t repent of your wrongdoing: All of us are not perfect, we are all sinners and we sin against each other. There is something about a parent being able to humble his or herself in front of their children and repent. Trust me this is not as easy as it seems, but we need to remember that it is very important.
  • Neglect praying for them: We shouldn't only pray when time are hard, or we need something, but we need to remember to pray for them when things are good.

But if you want to help them along. Here are a few  “You should's”

  • Be present in your child’s life: Physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your child needs to know that he/she can count on you to be there if they have problems, questions or just need a hug.
  • Be in the Word: Lots of wisdom comes from reading it.
  • Learn to love their hobbies: If your kids is into train, dinosaur or shoes shopping, do please indulge with them in something that will make them feel special. The quality time spend together will have more of an impact then you can imagine!
  • Set some rules: Children and adults all the same, needs to know what is expected of them, and rules are a great way to set boundaries and to know what is expected.
  • Take time to create traditions: Why is it that every time I write the word “Tradition” I HAVE to sing the song from fiddler on the roof, anyone else with me? “Tradition, tradition!” But in all seriousness, making memories, sharing that special time together help the lines of communications to stay open, and that is a very good thing.
  • Give them what they need: And not what they want. Those are 2 different things and mama knows best!!!
  • Be consistent: I know this is a hard one, but must be done.

What would you add to this list????

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to school fashion

Summer is almost over, it's time to think "back to school". For those attending school or maybe like me will be teaching it, this outfit is perfect for those cool-ish mornings and evenings.

Tip : When the season is changing and you have a big change of temperature during the day, having a long sleeve blouse  that you can roll up of down. The dress I pick, is sleeveless so taking the shirt off in those warmer mid-afternoon breaks will be great.

I always find the first few days of before you have a grip on your new back to school routine, you can save a lot of time with doing a minimal make-up, a simple red lips and lots of mascara goes a long way. If you have been in the sun all summer you skin will still be glowing, no need to foundation yet.

Easy hair is a must, I braided mine to keep the bangs in place. This is a simple 2 braids tied in the back. 

Don't forget that you will need to carry your laptop around.Why not doing it with a very pretty bag

Dress~ Tommy Hilfiger 
Blouse ~ Jacob
Shoes ~ Guess
Belt ~ Old Navy
Jewelry ~ ALDO
Lips ~  Revlon colorburst in shade "True Red", and Eessence Stay with me long lasting lipsgloss in shade "Kiss Kiss Kiss"
Eyes ~ Eessence Stay no matter what in "black"
Nails ~ Sally Henson Insta-Dri in shade "Rose Run"

What are your favorite "back to school fashion tips", please share in the comment bellow.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

The beginning of a new school year

The weather is slowly changing. With every morning a reminder that fall  is quickly approaching. All these changes makes my young pupils more and more eager to start their school year.

This year will have 3 little goose doing some form of schooling. 

This post will be a short overview of our plan for this school year

These are the books that I will read-out-loud to them this year (this is not a complete list but you get the picture)
  • Sarah, Plain and Tall ~ Patrica MacLachlan
  • More Perfect then the Moon ~ Patricia MacLachlan
  • The House At Pooh Corner ~ A.A Milne
  • The First Four Years  ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Little House in the Big Woods ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • By the Shores of Silver Lake ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • The Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Pionner Girl. ~Megan Stine
  • Charlotte's Web ~ E.B White
  • Anne of the Green Gables ~ L.M Montgomery
  • Anne of Avonlea ~L/M Montgomery
  • Anne of the Island ~ L.M Montgomery
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit ~ Beatrix Potter
  • The Tailor of Gloucester ~ Beatrix Potter
  • The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin ~ Beatrix Potter
  • The tale of Benjamin Bunny ~ Beatrix Potter
  • The Tale of two Bad Mice ~ Beatrix Potter
  • The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy - Winkle ~ Beatrix Potter
  • The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher ~ Beatrix Potter
  • The Tale of Tom Kitten ~ Beatrix Potter
  • The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck ~ Beatrix Potter
  • The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies~ Beatrix Potter 
  • The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse ~ Beatrix Potter
  • The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes ~ Beatrix Potter
  • Franklin Has a sleepover ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin and the Babysitter ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin Plants a Tree ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin's Canoe Trip ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin Makes a Deal ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin Helps Out ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin's Secret Club ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin's is Bossy ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin Wants a Pet ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin's New Friend ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin is Messy ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin plays the Game ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin is Lost ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
  • Franklin in the Dark ~ P. Bourgeois and B. Clack
I haven't written down my "Reading scheduled" for all those books, will hopefully have it down on paper before the end of the week.

On my reading books list for homeschool. I'll be reading these:
  • Charlotte Mason Companion. Personal Reflections on The Gentle Art of Learning. ~ Karen Andreola
  • Educating the WholeHarted Child ~ Clay Clarkson with Sally Clarkson
And these following are some books that I will be using to help with lesson plans:
  • Come Sit By Me (Vol 1) ~ Cyndy Regeling
  • Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons ~ Siegfried Engelman, Phillis Haddox, Helaine Bruner
And will be using tools like this one for math

And books like this to keep little hands busy

How about you:

- What are your plan for the school year?
- Will your children go to public or private school? 
- Or will they be homeschool?
- What grade will they be doing?
- What part will you be playing in your child education?

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I wore

For the last year or so, I have been looking to find my style. Having kids has changed my body and how I fit in clothes. I  also tend to think about  how I can move in any outfit choices. If you are a mother you would understand that certain wardrobe malfunctions can happen when playing or picking little ones up. I can't just see something pretty and buy it, there is a bit more involved.

Here are a few considerations on my list when purchasing on new clothes.

  • The right size: As I mentioned earlier, your post baby body might not look the same as before. Try on different sizes to see what look and feel right. Do not put importance on the "size number" but more on the fit. (each piece of clothing my not be cut the same way and your size my vary)
  • Choose colors that makes your skin look healthy: If you put on a certain color and people keep asking you if you are tired, that should be a cue that this particular color might not be good for you.
  • Practicality: If you have to fun over the item each time to stand up or move, consider if the fussing is worth it or not. If you have kids, move around see if you can keep yourself decent. If it doesn't, don't wear it around kids!
  • Think long run: Trend change often, choose if you want to invest in a trend that would only last for a while or in something that you could wear over and over and over again.
  • Less is more:  Think if you can mix and match that particular piece of clothing with other outfit. If yes, you will be saving in closet space and budget wise.
How to get inspiration.

Look around, see at what others are wearing and see what you like.  Pinterest is a great way to look different style in the comfort of your home. One thing I love about pinterest is looking for idea to put an outfit together, it is a great source of inspiration. Without it I wouldn't have known that I "needed" some yellow in my closet. (you can follow my fashion inspiration pins here)

this pin was what made me look around for some yellow

Here is my look inspired but that outfit

Skirt: RW&CO
Shoes : ALDO
Belt : Tommy Hilfiger  

I notice the ruffle of this blouse while I was look trough the pile of clothes at the thrift store, I just knew I needed to try it on. 

Blouse :New York & Company 

and the cute purse to complete the outfit

Purse : ALDO

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Friday, August 9, 2013

When mothers come together

Those few simple words
"Could you give me a hand please? I need help"
Why are they so difficult to blurt them out.

We think about them often, but yet say them so rarely. Is it the fear of being judged, rejected, or our own pride that stops us from seeking what we need?

 Let's face it, we all need a little help. I know I do, and am sure you do also.

If we were met to be self-sufficient we would all be living on a private island with no other contact then our self. As tempting as it may sounds, it wasn't the way we were created.

We are part of a community, a family, and we all need each other. You need them and they need you. You have something to offer, in the mist of motherhood and all the beautiful craziness that it bring.  You are needed. Even when you are feeling low and in desperate need for some breathing space,or just need a break. You do not become a lesser, weaker person because you need a extra help, you are just  a normal human being.

I'm sure you had the opportunity to help someone in need before. Do you remember how good it felt to be able to help? Now, remember that same feeling when you are asking for some help, remember that you are going to make someone experience the same feeling.

You might be wondering why I am writing about this topic. I read a article about what it means when we mothers are saying that we need a break. You are reading these words and you might think "Oh, another post about moms needing a spa day"  or "those SAHM they are just a bunch of complainers that hate being home"

If you are a mother, you know that it's not the truth.

You know full well how much of a blessing motherhood is, you have truly embraced your calling, but you are fully and sometimes painfully aware of how hard it is. 

You might be feeling alone, in need of a break, and don't how to ask for help.

You might be a mother who has little adult conversations on a day to day basis. You might have a husband that travels or is not present. You might had move to a new city and yet met a real friend. You might be feeling a bit depress and finding it hard just to step outside our home.

Maybe you are not one of those mothers, but know one who is in need.

Wherever you are at the moment, the mother in need or the one able to help, I hope reading this post will help close the gap between you two.

For the mothers who need help:

- Take a deep breath, it's ok
- You are not alone
- You are not crazy
- Your feeling are real and no there is no shame in sharing them.
- you are doing a good job, and it's ok to ask for help
- Step out of your comfort zone, seek friendship
- Find a way to communicate your needs to others
- Help someone in need, it's hard to be lonely when you are helping others.

For the mothers who can help :

- Don't be afraid to be a real friend
- Do not assume that all is ok, it might not. 
- Don't be afraid to ask difficult questions
- Be ready to just to listen, do not always try to "fix" the problem.
- If you can help with a certain need, please do it now, do not wait
- Don't think you have to "all it all together" or "figure it all out" before offering your help, perfection is not a requirement.
- Be present in the other person life, even a few minutes can be a huge blessing.

Speaking from my own experience, it is far easier for me to help someone in need then to ask for it. I have to remind myself that it takes courage to be able to tell someone that "I do not have it all together", it is never easy to admit our weakness and failures.

We are all a work in progress and together we can make life a little easier.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What to wear on a coffee date

All girls likes to dress up, young and old, it is a thing that we enjoy to do. We do it for fun, or when going out on mother&daughters date.

But clothes are expensive, and those little girls LOVES shopping. It's nice to be able to shop at places where we can find brand names, at a fraction of the cost from the big name store.

Here is a thrift store haul we did, all the item listed in this post were purchase at one of our local thrift store.

Going on a coffee date with my little princesses, and dressing up is one thing that we all love to do.

Drinking Strawberry and cream frappuccino on the terrace at starbuck

This cutie pie dress is from : Genevieve Lapierre Collection 

Blouse : Old Navy
Rose Purse : Cache
Skirt: Gap kids

Dress: Kiddos U.S.A

Now Mama got a few pretty things too.

Maxi Dress : Old Navy
Sweater : American Eagle

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