Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Making the best of winter

It's been one of those weird winter. The weather as been all over the place, seriously, a few seasons could be seen in one day. Just like this morning, I was sunny when I woke up but as I'm looking outside the sky is strangely changing, another snowstorm is coming.

That would explain why the girls were running from one end of the house to the other for about an hour, and I fished out a toy from the toilet last night.

Does your kids acts a bit crazy when the weather is about to change? Mine do!

I am longing for spring, the fresh air, the birds signing and playtime OUTSIDE, the not having to put on a snowsuit and boost. Winter is not over yet, still a while for spring to come.

 How to make the best of this time? Finding activities that will keep the little one cheerful, busy and out of trouble can sometime be a challenge.

Here are a few outdoor activities the girls love to do when the weather is permitting

  • play in the snow
  • make snowman, and trow snowballs
  • jump on the trampoline full of snow
  • slide down the small hill in the backyard (thanks for the snow cleaning people for making that for them)
For indoor activities (for those days that it's too cold to go play or that I don't feel like having to dress 3 little goose in snow gears. What, you mean you never felt that way!) 

  • making a fort with bed sheet and a bunked beds
  • crafts, pinterest is a very nice place to get inspiration  
  • Movie and popcorn on the couch
  • picnic on the floor 
  • reading time (reading a few chapters of  books like Anne the green gable and little house on the prairie , Narnia series etc...)
  • baking together 
Now how about you, what are the activities you and your family enjoyed this winter?


  1. I am dying for winter to be over too! Just two days ago it was warm enough to actually go to the park, and now today it's 10 degrees out. But while we're in the house, we're enjoying crafts, cooking, and let's just be honest, too much screen time.

    Spring come quickly!

    1. yes the screen time vortex, keeps them occupied for a moment but too much makes (ours) grumpy!!!

  2. We used to live in Ohio and had real winter. Now we are in South Carolina and all we have had this winter is rain and more rain!! I don't miss the grey, cold, icy winters, but I do miss the pretty snowfalls.

    1. I love the fluffy snowfalls too :-) it's the other side of winter I am not a real fan of hehe!

  3. Your girls are so cute! It looks like they have a lot of fun together. :-)

    1. Thank you Jacinda, and thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment.