Friday, April 12, 2013

The card

Life sometime gets into a routine, you do what needs to be done, without thinking much about it.

You try to teach your precious little one right from wrong. To be polite and use their manners.

Those little eyes, watching your every move, are learning when you think they are not teaching. They see you interact with the world around them, and look up to you so see how they should react.

Do you know the impact you are having on them?

I often forget.

I do my things, and forget that they are watching, learning. They see the best and worst of me, and sometime the bring the best and worst in me!

Today was one of those days. It started with muffins crumbs in hair, on the floor and couches. Followed by some grumpiness and a long outdoor free play to cheer up moods. When things calmed down, I started spring cleaning, opened windows and got busy getting rid of clutter.

But for a toddler, the idea of giving away her pretty shoes, because they don't fit anymore, wasn't easy one to grasp. I should have used this time to teach her about the importance of sharing with less fortunate, how we are blessed and can be a blessing to others.

But I failed.

I was too busy getting things done and ready to give away. Too tired to deal with the grumpiness, so I send her for a nap.

Then, my oldest, came to me with a card and envelope, asking me how to write "Get well soon".

 See earlier when we were outside our neighbor asked to use our phone because she needed to call her work to let them know that she couldn't make it in today. She was feeling too ill, and needed to rest.

 I smiled, and let her in.

Continued what I was doing, not thinking much of it. But she remembered, her little heart remembered the sickness, and wanted to help.

"Mama, cards always makes people feel better when they are sick"

She was right, again I failed at seeing that someone was sick, and needed a card, to make her feel better.

So here I am, sitting and writing these down, because they are learning but also because they are teaching me.


  1. Your words convey the heart of mothering...seeking to lead our little ones while learning from them all the lessons they can teach us.

  2. I agree with Tracey. And we are here to teach our children, but I believe the Lord also has lots of lessons for us as he molds and shapes us through mothering! Blessed Lord's Day to you ♥