Saturday, August 3, 2013

Crafting when you are not-so-crafty

In my last post I mention that living where you are at the moment does include making you home your own. I love being surrounded by pretty things, and crafting was a logical and practical way of creating beautiful artwork and displaying it in your home. The nice thing is that you can change the look or feel of any room at anytime for almost nothing!

Now you may think that you need to be an artist, or a master craft super mother to do all those pretty crafts on pinterest, right. But no, you can find some really easy crafts that would look like you tried real hard but in reality you didn't. 

 Will keep this a little secret between me and you, ok.

These crafts are printerest inspired, so I will post the link to the pin and the original tutoral (since their post is so well written I will let you visit them and same my fingers some typing) for each and my picture of the final product. 

Pin found here, and here is the blog post


Now I have no pins for the next craft but I remember seeing it on pinterest, but for some reason can't find it again. The idea is having a line to display kids artwork, I combine it with homemade fabric cover clothes pins (clothespins, ribbons and a hot glue gun, I don't think you really need some instruction, you are all smart enough to figure how to make those :-) )

This is my next in line project

Origami dress pin found here, tutorial here 

Aren't they just adorable!!!!

Now if you have any craft link that you would share in the comment box, I will gladly try them and show the final creation here and link back to you (of course). 

Have yourself a great weekend.



  1. These are cute - you did a great job!

  2. Oh yes--I was just thinking of that clothespin idea too for the children's artwork! I had heard of something like that too--I guess it's simple enough :)