Friday, August 30, 2013

Yes, ladies can wear pants too

I wasn't going to be posting about fashion today, but the topic of modesty and the trend of "gender bender" been on my minds, so here we go.

I came across "Are "feminine" looks the Future on Men's Fashion" article, at first I thought it was a joke, men dressed in "lady like" clothing walking down the runway.  The pictures in this article might be shocking, but we don't need to go to that extreme to see the trend of "gender bender".

Dressing in an androgynous clothing is very "in" right now. I know you know what I'm talking about, you see them in pack walking down the street and yet you know the both girls and boys are present, but you can't tell who is who. I might just be old fashion, but I do think that you should be able to tell if you are talking to someone if you should greet them as Miss or Sir.

To you men, I would say be manly, and to you women, dress like a lady.

I know what you are thinking "But I want to be comfortable" or "I don't have money for new clothes" or maybe "I don't have time to be put together". Other of you are shaking their head think "She is one of those skirts only". Yes if you look around my fashion posts, you may notice dresses, and skirt, I wear them not because I have too, but because I like them.

Before you ask, this look was done in 5 min. 

I do wear pants, jeans, shorts but I try to wear them in a way that strangers would know that I am a lady.

 Some will say that pants are for men only, they are immodest, showing off too much. Those are not my convictions.

 You can be modest and lady-like wearing a pair of jeans(or pants). Here's how?

  • Make sure they fit : It's not because they you able to zip the zipper that it means that they fit. You can make yourself squeeze in something 2 sizes too small and think that it is "your size" but no, please don't.
  • A few accessories goes a long way: bring along a purse, a scarf , put on some earnings, a cute pair of shoes or even just a bit of lip gloss. This does not need to cost you a fortune nor take time, you can do this on the go.
  • Act like lady: Ok  this tip is free, won't take any of your precious time. Just do it!
Excuse the blurriness 
Is it really that important what we wear? My short answer would be yes. I know you won't just let me get away with a "yes", here is what I am thinking about.

What you choose to put on your body does affect many aspects of your life and I am not talking about a vain look at me I'm pretty kind of way.
  1. It affects your mood: Like when you wear an apron, and you feel more motivated to clean, same thing goes with the outfit you've choose to put on.
  2. It affect how people interacts with you:  I am speaking from my own experience, you can be less or more approachable depending on what you are wearing. Don't get me wrong here, not saying you have to have a "look" that comes with strings attach, we should all dress for His glory. What we wear is part of our testimony.
  3. It affect how you look: Wearing clothes that are to big, might make you look, well bigger then you really are. I know that wearing the right size, sometime makes people say "did you loose weight?" isn't a nice complement to have, when the only thing you did is wear something that "fit".
Now I want to know you opinion on the topic. Is it important what we wear? Should stranger know off the bat if you are a she or he?

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  1. I think that it is important what we wear. I know that I always feel more confident and better about myself when I love what I'm wearing!

  2. Agree! (Also I love the name of your blog...makes me smile.) :)

    I don't "have" to dress up for work but I enjoy taking a little time to put myself together and dress up when I can. It makes me feel more confident!

    1. I don't have to dress up for work either, but still love doing it :-)

  3. hmmm i havent seen many TRULY androgynous articles of clothing out there. i know there's a lot of men's inspired clothing for women out there, but most of them have really feminine touches. Like boyfriend jeans have nice washes, blazers are more form fitting, and a lot of pleated pants are tight where they should be or are high waisted for a bit of feminine flair. Same goes with the feminine men's wear- the ones I've seen always make it work for a guy to pull it off and not look crazy girly, haha. I think that those styles are for the more playful characters in fashion, so not everyone can pull it off. It definitely takes a certain attitude to make it feel natural and seemless :) (take katherine hepburn in the 40s- she didn't look butch at all with her pants. she looked crazy feminine, just comfortable in her own skin!)

    xo marlen
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    1. I seen a lots of people wearing clothes that could be worn by either and sometime with the same hairstyle on both gender making it harder to know to whom to are talking to

  4. I love this post! I'm a big believer in dressing like a lady - mostly because it makes me feel so good. I think that tapping into my feminine self makes me fierce and powerful in soft lady like way. Thanks for sharing!

    Pink Chai Style

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and visit :-)

  5. Pants are a must - man or woman. I think you should wear what you want!
    Nikki at

  6. I think gender is a necessary identifier because we relate to women and men differently. Points 1,2,3--I agree! =)