Monday, March 18, 2013

Caution kids at play

Sometime I get down on the floor and play with them, but sometime I'm too busy with other things, like cleaning. Not that I want to choose cleaning over playing, but when the house is in a somewhat orderly fashion, this mama can thinks more clearly and knows that she is a better mother when her brain is in full capacity.

But there is always those little voices in my head, that keeps reminding me, that, they don't stay little for long. To embrace this messy season and to play with them,  to make memories. 

I been on both side of the fence. I had time when we just played, let the mess go, but it's wasn't working for me. Then, there was the time that I cleaned and cleaned while they played alone, well THAT didn't worked for them.

Parenting is a tricky little thing, finding a balance that will make both mama  and kiddos happy, take lots of works and patience and practice. Everyday we are fine tuning this little thing that we call life.

I am no expert in parenting nor homemaking, feels like I'm learning as we go, but don't we all.

I have learned that toys that brakes aren't much fun at all, we love wood toys. That toys that have them use their imagination, their creativity are the best for us. That fresh air does wonders on grumpy kids, and that mama needs her dose of sunshine too. That less is more, the more toys that they have to pick up makes for hours of negotiations, and my little girls are very good at trying to negotiate everything!

Learned that the best way to have them to eat their veggies, is serving yourself a large plate of it, and not putting any on theirs. Within minutes, they will be begging you for some.

I have learned that sometime, if you let them fight their own fights, be free to create and play by themselves,  they will amaze you with how much they are able to do stuff on their own.

Little ones don't need us to micro manage their life, what they will learn is to please us, but they need to learn by making their own mistakes (and that is so hard for us to watch, right).  

Have learned that tv, can give you the freedom to take a shower without 6 little eyes watching you... and THAT is a good thing! But also learned that too much tv, makes them get all out of sorts. Moderation is the key.

I remember the time that I let them hold their own cup, and the messes and broken cups I have cleaned before they got the hang of it.

 Independence comes with it's share of spill and brakes. 

Our precious children, need learn all those messy skills that will make them fully functional adults, and we are along for the ride. What a privilege is to be part of this beautiful mess, even when it makes us want to pull our hair out.

So today, as sit, looking at them playing with those blocks, creating a train tracks and a station, admiring their creativity, and capacity of dealing with sharing and getting along. I am reminded that they are growing and so am I.


  1. Such truth in your post! Yes, I, too, am growing and learning right along with my girls!

  2. This post is wonderful. I love your tip for getting kids to eat their veggies!