Monday, March 4, 2013

As seen on pinterest ~ lets make Art

I had great intention to write a post last week about something I made from pinterest, but I didn't. I did do a few projects, but just didn't write it here. The once a week thing, have to work at being more diligent of doing that.

Here I am this week and I will be sharing with you, another great way to use pinterest, to get your creative juice flowing.

For all of you who haven't yet discovered pinterest, seriously where have you been in the last year or so!. Pintrest in a great tool for people to get more creative, you just "pin" a link of something you would like to try and put in into a board and hoping that one of these day come back to it and try it. 

It's like having lots of magazines for ideas without the clutter or making a hole in your wallet.

I have pinned lots of food relate pins those are always fun to do, but today I want to share with you how pinterest can help your homeschooling (or entertaining your little one on a rainy day)

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

Just a side note here, when using pinterest you are not only posting nice pictures on your boards, you are posting the link of the person who took those picture and took time to write a lovely post, so your pinning is sharing the love. Here my pin comes from Mama Smiles, and you will be a mama that smiles after going to her little corner of the blog world, that I'm sure.

If you are like me, and not using a learning in a box tool for your little ones home education, you might always be on a look out for some new creative ways to make learning fun and practical.

Art inspired by great artist, was a inspiration for me. How can I use this to make a full lesson, was my question.

  1. Did a quick online search of the artist I wanted to share with the girls. I use the internet, but books, or museum visit could have also been done here, but I prefer something quick and easy, might have the "fast food" syndrome here!
  2. Read to the girls major highlights of the life of the artist and look at our map to find the country where he was born and where he did all his work.
  3. Choose the painting that I want them to try to paint themselves  we talk about what was on it, what they saw, the color used etc... 
  4. Got my paint supply out. Yes I am one of those crazy mothers that thinks using the real material will help the little one learn to appreciate their creation better. Explained to them the type of paint that we were using, how to use it properly and how to clean up after. Yes cleaning up, here in this house, is part of homeschooling.
  5. let them try to replicate with their own interpretation the painting, and Voila, an artist in born.

You might think this is just a a art lesson, but no, this is a opportunity to teach way more then just art. In the painting that I use there was a chance to do some math, learning to spell words, learn about colors, geography and of course art.

So how does it all work together, how can you use a art lesson and make it a "living" lesson.

  • Math, counting how many items are being seen in the masterpiece  simple additions and subtractions can also be done (depending one the age and level of understanding of your child)
  • Using what you see for vocabulary or spelling lesson.
  • Like I said earlier using a map to teach where the painting was created is part of a geography lesson. Also you can have a time line to teach history (put the concept of when this was created into perceptive)
  • Learning to mix colors, teaches about colors but also motor skills.
  • Cleaning up, teaches about responsibility and how to use certain tools (paint brushes etc..) in a proper way.
  • Using Art, teaches how to appreciated our surrounding better, to have a eyes for the beautiful things that is all around. 
Now can you see how a inspiration, a simple pin, can be used in many ways. How about you, have you use pinterest at it's full potential yet?


  1. I love pinterest! I use it for all aspect of our lives. It helped me get out of a frumpy fashion stage, a bad eating stage.... of course, using it for homeschooling is awesome!

    Right now A seems to be more Jackson Pollock than anything but I love it!

    This is a great post to remind us that something that may seem simple, like a drawing, can be used to teach so many things.

  2. I hear ya with getting out of the frumpy fashion stage :-) Pinterest is great when you are feeling out of the loop regarding fashion!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I love the way you transformed our mini activity into a complete homeschool lesson!

    1. thank you, creativity is part of learning, both for the students and the teacher :-)

  4. Love how you developed this homeschooling lesson - and her painting turned out great!!

  5. I wish pinterest had been around when I was homeschooling my kids, lol!

    I did similar to what you did and had the kids look at one of the old masters, and then try and write down everything they remembered seeing in the picture.

    The next day they'd look at it again and this time they'd be able to draw and color or paint their version of the picture. We would also study the artist just as you did.

    That's some of the stuff I miss about homeschooling, all the fun learning that you could do!

    As for your comment: I know, it's tricky isn't it? When my son was younger I'd give him the wash cloths and small towels to fold.

    But when they're really little, you are just better off folding things on a table or somewhere that they can't reach, lol!

  6. Nice! We follow the Ambleside Online schedule for Artist Study and I have my kiddos practice drawing or painting their version of the famous (or not so famous) painting. Then we keep them in binders. They really like doing it this way and it gives them something concrete to follow. Some kids need a little something to get their ideas flowing. I also like to add other skills in. Learning can be better if it is connected in more than one area. :) Great Post!

    Gretchen :)