Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tiny Talk

Some women thinks that the stay at home mothers must be bored out of their minds, being home 24/7 with little people.

The truth is, yes there are time when you want to talk to someone and have a real conversation that does not involve asking them to use the potty. But, being present with those precious little goose, always makes for some interesting interactions.

Here are a few snippets of a few of our latest tiny talks

Big sister, wiggling around the living room in her new shoes.
Big Sister:"These must be Dancing Shoes, because they make me dance" Me: "yes, blame it on the shoes"
Big Sister: "But Mama I don't know how to dance, so the shoes are teaching me."
Me "Ha, ok"
Big Sister" Mama can I go on stage and dance, so all the people can see me dance" 

Little Miss S : "Mama, do you remember when you ate and ate lots of food and then got a stomach ache then turn into a butterfly?"
Me: "No, that was the Very Hungry Caterpillar"
Little Miss S: " Mama, are YOU a very hungry caterpillar?"

Monkey R, doing the I got to go potty dance.
Me: "You need to go potty now!"
Monkey R trying her best to ignore me "I don't need to go"
Me: "Just go, you NEED to go"
Monkey R: "But Mama, my belly muscles are too weak to go potty!!!"

While driving in town, during rush hour, with 3 very loud girls arguing in the back seat.
Me: "Girls you need to be quiet please, I need to concentrate. I don't want to have an accident"
Little Miss S:  " NOOOOO Mama, don't do THAT in here, you need to use the potty"
Me:  shaking my head "Not THAT kind of accident"

I know I am a few days late but I think think I'll start linking with
Hoping you have enjoyed our tiny talk this week :-)


  1. Adorable! I wouldn't trade being stay at home mom for anything. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Yes I do have my share of laughable moment, and wouldn't trade it for anything either :-)

  2. Hahaha! These are wonderful! I love the funny things kids say.

    And that trampoline jumping picture is really cute!

  3. What sweet and funny conversations! So glad you are recording them - for you, your girls, and us! :)

    1. it a good thing to record those precious words, because I want to remember those precious moment.

  4. LOL!! Too funny:) Love how they think through stuff.

    Thanks for linking up:) Do it anytime:)

    And I love being a stay-at-home mom... I am NEVER bored.... NEVER! And if the kids are quiet and not making a mess somewhere I get to connect with the outside world for a few minutes!