Friday, March 22, 2013

As seen on Pinterest ~ Veggie Flowers

Kids and eating  vegetables can be a struggles to most mothers. I have to admit that my girls like veggies, most of the time, now don't hate me ok.

Do I have superpower, not at all, but a few tips that I can share with you.

  1. See if your little ones like certain veggies cook vs raw and vise versa (each kids do have a personal preference and that is ok)
  2. Offer it to them, over and over and over. Remember to eat them yourself, they do learn by what they see.
  3. Don't offer it to them, but instead just put some on your plate, if your kids are like mine, what is on your plate always is better their what is on theirs!
  4. Serve it in a creative way (now this post is what this is all about!)
I was looking about pinterest for nothing in particular, yes that happens to me often lately, and notice this cute little pin and loved it right away.

How to create veggie tulips 

You will need:
  • sharp knives 
  • carrots
  • cucumber
  • toothpicks
Cut the cucumbers in slices and then in half, take the seed part out by carving a small triangle shape. Then slices carrots, and cut 2 small triangle close together. Secured on a toothpick and let your little one enjoy and healthy fun snack. 

Can also be serve with hummus or other dipping sauce.

How about you, how do you makes you little one eat their veggies???


  1. Those are so cute! My girls are "okay" vegetable eaters. I've found that if I offer them over (and over and over) they usually come around to at least tolerating most vegetables.

    1. I do a lot of offering while being careful not to be pushing it too much :-)

  2. These are very cute! I try to make their food look cute (like this) puree foods they don't like to add without their noticing, and serve things in small containers - for some reason that makes it look very cute to them!

  3. Cute! This is great for a fun spring party!