Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tiny Talk Tuesday

There is never a boring moment here, NEVER. And those 3 little girls have lots of imagination, creativity and are very talkative, see for yourself.

Monkey R walking around the house stomping her feet and speaking in a very loud deep voice: "Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman" Me: "we are all girls here"Monkey R waving her harm around : "Presto I change you into a Englishman"

Lately Big sister thinks that she is getting too old for her naps, and instead of staying in her room and doing her quiet time there, she asked for sitting on the couch with paper and pencil. She wants to be alone to "write stories" It's lots of fun to see her scribble randoms letter, while she in creating a beautiful story. Most of the time I have to ask her to "read it to me" but there noting like seeing her imagination flowing, creating stories. I think that she might me our "writer" in the family.

Big sister holding paper and a pen:"We need to have a meeting, I need to ask you some questions"Me: "what is the reason of this meeting young lady"Big sister "What is your name Mama?"Me" Mama"Big sister "do you like to be a mama?"Me: "yes I do"Big sister" Do you like to cook?"Me" Well, yes I do like to cook"Big sister : "cook me food now I'm hungry!"Me "was that a question or a demand? How are you suppose to ask?"Big sister "My tummy said meeting is over and please feed my belly"

Little Miss S : "I have a secret to tell you" comes close to me
Me" what is it"Little Miss S: "uhmmm hummm ...I forgot"Me: "oh, that ok"Little miss S:" I still love you anyways"

Monkey R marching like a soldier holding a celery stick in her hand "get in my tum... yummy in my tum"

This picture below is little Monkey R, and for a 2 year old, is quite the monkey, see now why she gets her nickname!

Little Miss S looking sleepy, Me "Go in your bed, you need a nap"Little Miss S" No I afraid of nightmares"Me: "but you still need a nap"Little Miss S "My eyes can't sleep"

Left her on the couch to deal with a crisis, with a house full of little one, crisis happen about every 15 minutes are so. Came back to find her fast asleep on the couch

Monkey R " Want to play hide and go seek?"Me: " ok, 1..2..3..."Monkey R running to hide, all the sudden coming out of her hiding spot "ready or not here I come... I found you mama"Me still sipping on my warm cup of coffee while sitting comfortably in my rocking chair:" Lets play THAT game again!"
 Bedtime is always interesting here, the girls share a bedroom (bunk bed and a toddler bed). I have seen them create a tent with the bunk bed, have a sleep over on the floor camping style, even found all 3 of them snuggle up in the toddler bed, how did they managed to fell asleep all smooch together like that is beyond me!

Many nights I have to struggle to keep those girls in bed, they will find excuses to come of of bed, they might fight with each other, but overhearing on little sister saying to her sister "sure I'll snuggle with you sisters" is like honey for a mother's ears.

Big sister wrapped up in a blanket dangling from the edge of my bed: "I'm sleeping like a bat"

Monkey R all wrapped up in a blanket walking around the living room after bedtime saying "I'm a cocoon"Me" you should be in bed"Monkey R crawling in the floor "am a Caterpillar" Me "go make you cocoon in BED!"

This was a random post about fun stuff that happens with living with these little girls, of course there are those moments that aren't so much fun, but moments like the ones that I wrote here, makes up for those not so fun one.

Isn't funny how parenting is like that, it's hard, harder then you can imagine and those precious little moments, when they happen you forget all about the bad one and you just want to soak those good one all in.


  1. What cute, sweet little girls! My girls like "camping out" on the floor of their playroom some nights!

  2. Sounds like our house! D just wrote fee fi fo fum on a picture she was drawing this week :)

  3. What a great post! Moments like these are what parenting is all about. I'm sure your girls are a lot of work, but they sure are delightful, and I love that you have captured these precious moments!