Thursday, May 16, 2013

A SAHM should have a very clean house, right!

There are days that I look around the house and think, we have been home all day, I have been cleaning all day....why is this house still looks like this?

How easily I can get into that self pity mood.

 "But I worked so hard and have nothing to show for it"

Have you ever think like that too?

Found this picture on fb and laugh out loud, because it's true

Reading this post about Striving for perfection made me think about the roots of the issue. Here are a few points to consider when the green eyes monster comes to visit

  • Do we really have realistic expectations? 
  • Do we play the comparing game with others homemakers?
  • Do we really do the work or do it half way because of distractions?
  • Are we willing to learn more about homemaking letting go of pride? Seeking help if needed.

First of, I am no expert on homemaking, these are to help me figure it out a bit more and if anything help you, well that would be a bonus.


I often have that ugly little voice in the back of my mind telling me that I "should have this house in order, since I am home all day". I am still learning to quiet that voice, because putting myself down, won't motivate me to get things done. 

Having 3 busy little goose, making beautiful memories, sure can make this house look all upside down in a hurry. But they won't stay little forever and soon will be real big help.

Choosing to have real expectations, for the season of life that you are in, help you focus on what can be done now, and not what should be done. And in the end, it will all get done, maybe not all in one day, bit it will.


I think it might be a girls thing, we compare ourselves.  We might do it because we are insecure, wanting to look at someone who has more flaws then us to make us feel better. But also we can look at someone who seems to have it all together, them we beat ourselves down thinking that we are not good enough.

Reality check, we all fall short, we all struggles and that is ok. 

If we really want to compare ourselves to us in a positive matter, we could strive to be better then yesterday knowing that will be better tomorrow. 

Do the work

On those days that I feel like I ran around the house like a headless chicken, work hard and yet got nothing accomplish, I have to remember what I really did.

Here is a example of what happened yesterday, taken from facebook

Just folded the last load of clean laundry, turn around and saw my youngest little goose coming out of her bedroom closet covered from head to toes in Nutella.

So that's why she was so quiet while I was busy trying to catch up with laundry!!!!!

I can be busy doing some house work and yet being distracted by doing so and not noticing the mess happening in the other room. But sometime, being online, even for a short time can be a distraction, and my girls do take that time of me not fully being attentive, to be productive in the mess making.

Sometime I do thinks half way, like doing the laundry but leaving the clean basket of clothes on the bed to be folded later. That is one source of temptation, if you were 2 wouldn't it be fun to empty that basket and scatter those clothes all around just for fun? How about us, just because it's clean and in the basket can we justify leaving it there just because it's easier then taking the 5 minutes to fold it and putting it away, but choosing to do something else instead?

If we really want to be real with ourselves, we should take a good look at our motives and how to overcome them.

Be willing to learn

I did not feel that I was fully equipped to be a homemaker, but we live at a time that if we are willing to learn, we can do it, just a few clicks away. Pinterest has been good to me, and I created a board just for homemaking tips. If you are using pinterest as a learning tool, please just don't pin those cool recipes  cleaning tip or home decor pins and not trying them, do please do try them and see what works for you. Try 1 pin a week, that sounds reasonable?

I think making list and crossing things off helps me get motivated, here I will share some list that are found on my pinterest homemaking tips board (for some reason can't do a direct link to those pictures anymore)

Extra tips

Sleep and eat well, put on some music and be fully caffeinated, yes the last one really helps!

Now, your turn. Share with me 1 tips that makes your homemaking better and easier for you and your family?


  1. My tip would actually be what you've already mentioned - having a basic schedule. I, too, am motivated by being able to cross tasks off of a to-do list.

    I never thought I would follow a plan - clean the bathroom and do laundry on Monday, iron on Tuesday, etc. - but it has really worked well for me the last couple of years.

    1. Now I have a plan, it's sticking to it that is the next step :-)

  2. Hi! I also left you a comment on your FB wall but I wanted to share this post in response to your question about making homemaking easier.
    Now, I do have this, it is posted on my wall. And honestly I could quote it in my sleep but sticking to it is key! I went probably 6 weeks without cleaning due to sickness in our home, it was awful to catch up. Although caring for sick kids is more important obviously. A tip I have is if I am busy and don't get to the bathroom on's okay! Give yourself grace! Just make sure you get to them next Monday, and do your Tuesday work as to not get behind. As moms our plates are SO full and if you worry about schedule, clean, schedule we will never have time to stop and enjoy our blessings :) I look forward to reading more of your posts! And I love the blog name!

    1. thank you for the encouraging words and heading over to visit you

  3. My only tip is to own less stuff.

    SAHMs have more time to clean - but the children are in the house all day, as opposed to being at daycare!

    I prefer to play with my kids, most of the time. Someday they will grow up and my house will be spotless. And I will miss them.