Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No more frumpy mama

Spring is finally here, the weather is gorgeous and nothing can keep the girls indoor anymore.

I have to admit I never was really into fashion, or have a style or knew anything about how to put an outfit together. Thanks to pinterest I have learn a few tips, learn what I like and how to put things together.

I am no expert but here is a few things that makes me feel good when I am out and about.

A walk at the park, no more frumpy mama!

Lets start with hair, if you have long hair and little time, a messy bun is a must. If your hair in thin, using the sock bun can help create more volume. This look here was easy, High ponytail, twist the hair and tie with an extra elastic. I also use a elastic headband to control my bangs.

Makes the messy bun less frumpy, add some dangling pretty earrings.

Motherhood and diaper bag goes hands in hands, right? Maybe not. Using a purse big enough to get what you need (basic essential, snacks, water, change clothes or diapers) but small enough to carry without injuring your shoulder, is do-able.

It's doesn't hurt if it's pink and pretty.

Spring weather can be unpredictable, a colorful jacket will keep you warm on those early walk to the park. I try to choose colors that won't look dirty after the girls comes and hugs me with their little hands that just played in the wet sand box.

Forget heels, chasing after little goose a nice flat shoes will be best. Paired with some nice fitting skinny jeans, you'll be ready to play along side of your little one.

And the most important fashion accessories you can have at the park, is your KIDS, and maybe your pretty smile.

So beautiful mama, are you going to be the frumpy mom at the park this spring, or a mama that will wear her beauty inside and out?

And before you ask

Purse ~ Sears
Jacket  ~ Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes ~ Aldo
skinny jeans ~ RW&Co
Earrings ~ Walmart
Cute kids ~ homemade


  1. Love, love those cute pink shoes. They won't allow frump to get near them!

  2. Love the jacket, shoes, and purse!! Oh, and the kids are mighty cute, too! :)

  3. The jacket is lovely. Sweet!
    I still wear crocs...yes. I do, but we have no parks here and the neighbors work all the time so no one sees me right? Maybe.

    1. yes I wear my crocs sometime too, but they are starting to get old and less comfy :-( So needed an alternative and bonus they were super cute!

  4. Love those shoes. Are they leather? I couldn't find them on the link.

    1. Yes the link was wrong sorry about that here is the link to the shoe

  5. Replies
    1. I never had to use the sock bun cause I have long thick hair, but I hear good things about them!