Friday, May 10, 2013

Share the love Friday

I was in university when I meet her, a common friend put us on the same path, and I remember liking her right away.

Have you ever meet someone like that?

And so was the beginning of our friendship.

Not only is she gorgeous, look at that smile, she also has a beautiful heart, what's not to love.

She married her best friend, you know that friend that we had in common, yap she married him.

I remember taking that picture 

And now have 2 beautiful little kids, both are wonderful parents and even if we don't live in the same city anymore, I still feel that their family is close to mine.

Why am I sharing this, well because I love this lovely mama and wanted to share her with you.

She started a blog called Wholesome Motherhood, and  if you all would be so kind to spot by and say hi to this mama today, that would make my day!

How about you, do you have friend in real life that blogs, would you like to share their link in the comment box with me, so we could all get a little bit closer together?

Have a wonderful weekend!