Monday, May 20, 2013

Three braid ~ As seen on pinterest

Saw this cute hairstyle and wanted to give it a try

To find this pin click here

Wasn't difficult to make at all, kept all the hair in the braid for the day (with layers sometime I get issue with hair getting loose after an hour or two of braiding them)

Oh, did I just notice a loose strand of hair in the first picture!!!! 
Ok, so it kept most of my hair in the braid, but that loose little part in the back that I haven't notice, nor did anyone present at the kids birthday party that we attended mentioned . 

Would you try this hairstyle on yourself or your girls???


  1. I like this braid; I think I would try it on my 10-year-old, though I may have to wait until her hair gets just a little bit longer.

    1. if you try it, please take a picture for me :-)

  2. That's so cute! Wish my hair was long enough to try it.

  3. Very cute. You look great. Maybe I'll have to try that one day. Right now I have a little one that likes to pull my hair if it's ever out of a bun! I do have lots of girls though :)