Friday, May 24, 2013

Spring into fashion ~ Fashion Friday

Spring is a fun time of the year, when the weather is warmer and you can ditch the coat, hats and gloves.

This spring started with beautiful warm weather for a few weeks but then the rainy days came afterward, and the temperature dropped too.

What to wear to face the ever changing spring weather.

Short are fun this time of the year, but sometime with unpredictable weather, wearing a pair of nylons help keep you warm. I like bright colors, can you tell. I think this spring, stripes are very pretty.

Accessories are always fun

I'm wearing big loop earnings, and a cute bird and pearls eggs necklace from Vintage pearl

and a cute pair of black shoes

I don't wear a huge amount of makeup, but with spring comes spring allergies that makes me have really bad dark circles. Haven't found the right concealer for me yet, I hate them if they make my under  eyes look cakeky (is that even a word) and wearing glasses does not hide it.

I keep it simple, am wearing dark mascara ~ organic wear mascara in Ultra Black, it make my eyes look bigger and brighter.

On the lips I like a soft lipstick, with a little bit of sheer and shine ~Revalon colorburst lip butter in Sugar Plum is one of my favorite this spring.

I sometime go crazy on the nails, love that pop of color that they bring. I am wearing covregirl outlast stay brilliant in My Papaya, it's a gorgeous color that makes you smile every time you see it.

And with spring comes new hair. Yes I got my scissors and did something crazy like cutting my bangs all by myself.

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  1. You look so cute, and happy. You have such pretty hair! Enjoy your spring weather--ours already feels like summer :P

  2. I love this outfit! Those tights give such a great pop of color.

  3. Aw so cute!


  4. the bangs!! Aren't you brave?! :)

  5. Very cute Vintage Pearl necklace. They have such nice pieces.

  6. You look SO pretty! I bought my Mom that same necklace for Christmas a few years ago, love it :)
    I wish I was daring enough to pull off a look like this, you look so funky and hip. Maybe when I drop the last 15 baby pounds ;)