Monday, May 6, 2013

Cupcakes fit for a Princess ~ as seen on pinterest

The birthday was approaching fast, it was a big deal. She wanted everything to be pink, white and purple. Each night counting how many sleeps were left until the big day, and each evening I look to pinterest for ideas.

Found many cute ideas like these one

 For the link of those pictures and their pin visit here 

I am not not most creative when it comes to cake decorating, that is a skill that I should be working on!. But here are the cupcake that I made for the special little princess in my life

Having my princess jumping around like a jumping beans, saying that all her wishes came true, well that made my day. Those flaws that I saw in my work, melted away, because she was happy and didn't care if they weren't PERFECT.

I use this recipe for the cupcake, they are so easy to make and turned out nice and fluffy. And the icing   was this lemon icing, it was yummy, not too sweet and with enough tart that the citrus bring.

Yes of course you all want to see a picture of the birthday princess, so here you go

6 years old, where did the time go.

Happy birthday princess


  1. I think your cupcakes are lovely!! Happy birthday to your princess!

  2. I think you did well! Very, very well!

  3. They grow up so fast! Happy Birthday to your little princess!

    Cute cupcakes :)