Monday, May 13, 2013

Spilling over

Some days are harder then others, and Mondays are definitely harder then the rest. Lots of little things like not enough sleep, change of routine  that happens during the weekend and the trying to get back into the week routine, makes the beginning of the week sometime not-so-much fun.

Things spill over

Within a few hours of those morning, the house looks like it had vomited all over, the sink in the washroom looks like this picture, and because I let the girls dressed themselves, I have a empty dresser and all the clothes scatter all over the room.

But it's not only the messes that you can see, little girls attitude pretty much looks like the picture above, spilling all over.

 Meltdowns after meltdown, when they are send to their room before 9 am, it ain't pretty!

But the funny things is, I feel inside the same way they are expressing their little feeling. I want to trow myself on the ground, kicking and screaming

  "I want to go back to beeeeeeeeed, I need a quiet house right nooooooow"

but because I'm somewhat a grown up, I try to keep it all together.

Trying to teach them self control, when you are feeling that you yourself is about to loose all the self-control you got isn't easy.

Who says that motherhood is easy.

Since the sun is shining, I let them play outside, the cleaning up will wait, because their little heart clean-up is more important. And playing in the sun, is a wonderful remedy to cure grumpiness, and sometime a long force nap works wonders.

How about your family, how do you deal with the Mondays Meltdowns????


  1. Sorry, but I had to smile when I pictured you down on the floor throwing a tantrum. Wouldn't your girls look at you funny then??? Hope everyone's Monday is looking brighter this afternoon!

    1. We all had a 2 hour nap, guess we all needed some extra zzzzz. And so far taking it easy this afternoon. The mess will get clean up, school will be done, but for now, enjoying the smiles and giggles...